Travel trends, Thai tourism sector is set to adapt to the impact and major shifts in consumer behavior after COVID-19, a digital travel leader. The results of the survey of more than 20,000 people in 28 countries around the world. (Including Thailand) combined with insights from traveler search and word of mouth behavior on the platform. As well as over 20 years of expertise in the travel industry to reveal 9 predictions about the future of travel. Both in the next year and in the following years 

1. From desire to need 

Staying home for a long time makes more people yearn to travel. By during the lock-down period 71% of Thai travelers are excited to have the opportunity to return, while 77% say they appreciate their travel more and will not overlook it. Travelers of Thais (65%) wish to explore the world even more, and 60% intend to rebook a previously canceled trip. 

2. Value comes first 

Economic impact from COVID-19 Making people look for the best value in every purchase Not even the tourist. 78% of Thai travelers pay more attention to prices when planning their trips. And the same number of people (78%) are more likely to look for promotions and special offers, this behavior will last for many years. However, the value that consumers expect is not just about price. Four in five (80%) of Thai travelers said they wanted the travel booking platform to be more transparent about their cancellation policies. Refund procedure And travel insurance options, with 37% seeing the free cancellation option as a necessity on their next trip. Most importantly, 87% of Thai travelers are interested in supporting the revitalization of the tourism industry, and 84% want to support the revitalization of the travel industry. Booking their travel can help the community to recover. 

3. Let’s focus on the close and familiar

As foreign tourism is still a far away issue nowadays Getting in the neighborhood. And traveling within the country have become outstanding options. They’re more convenient, safer, and often more sustainable. 61% of Thai travelers plan to travel locally within the upcoming 7-12 months and 53% plan to travel in Thailand. For the long term (over 1 year). Planning to explore new destinations. Who have never been to nearby, domiciled or in the country, and 55% want to spend time admiring the beauty of nature in Thailand

4. Escape the truth by searching

To create happiness and find activities to do during the lockdown. A majority of Thais, 98% of whom spend their time searching for inspiration for vacation trips. With more than two thirds (68%) searching for destinations. Often times a week, 41% also respond to nostalgia. When viewing old photos from previous trips while looking for future travel inspiration. 

5. Safety first

Nearly 9 in 10 (89%) of Thai respondents are taking travel precautions due to the coronavirus. And 83% of travelers expect attractions to Social Distancing has been implemented, while 86% will choose to book only accommodations that have clearly identified health and hygiene measures. And the same number of Thai respondents (86%) accepted a health check upon arrival at a tourist destination or destination. 

6. Think about the impact

Over two thirds (68%) of Thai travelers want more sustainable travel in the future, with 86% expecting the tourism sector to offer more sustainable travel options. And more than four-fifths (84%) of Thais want travel options that can support the revitalization of their destinations, and 82% want to see that their money will truly return to local communities. 

7. Waving goodbye to entering the office

Working from home has become a mainstream behavior during the outbreak. But the indirect consequence is longer travel planning options, combining work with excursions. The fact that people no longer have to go to the office five days a week. This allows us to clearly see the behavior of travelers in the form of “Workation” or work trips.  60% of Thai travelers plan to book accommodation to change the atmosphere to work in a exotic location, while 69% are willing to quarantine if they can still work remotely. %) said they would find an opportunity to expand their business trip for longer so that they could stay on their destination. 

8.Experience happiness easily

When we learn to live with the effects of a major epidemic Travelers are opening up to a simple new way to explore the world. And want to immerse in nature more Since the start of the epidemic, users around the world have shared their views on the common. That create happiness more easily. These include trekking (94%), fresh air (50%), nature (44%) and relaxation (33%) **, which are similar to the needs of more than four in five (85%) Thai travelers plann.

They will indulge in more simple travel experiences, such as outdoor activities with their families during their vacations. Similarly, a similar number of Thai travelers (80%) are eager to look for rural or less-than-experienced travel experiences. Who went To fully immerse yourself in the experience of nature Modern tourism behaviors that value privacy Social spaced space Including controll cleanliness and hygiene. It’s not surprising to see Thai travelers looking for a place to stay that feels at home, with 55% of Thai travelers looking for a vacation home or apartment rather than a hotel, and 63% choosing one. In addition, the types of trips that “New-normal” Thai travelers want to visit the most are: Beach trips (51%) followed by leisure trips (48%) and city trips (27%). 

9. Technology plays a role in driving travel

We will see technology innovations play a key role in ensuring travelers’ confidence once again in the post-pandemic world, with 81% of Thai travelers agreeing. the technology is essential in helping to prevent health risks while traveling. 80% agree that accommodation providers must use the latest technology to make their guests feel safe. 7 out of 10 Thai travelers (70%) want a technology option that can be used to reserve a tight restaurant. And three quarters (75%) of Thai travelers would prefer more self-service tools instead of over the counter to reduce exposure. In addition, 80% of ทางเข้า ufabet Thais are excited about the potential of technology that will further adapt their travel experience to their personal needs in the future. More and more technology will become a part of the travel experience of people.