How to Travel Around the World and prepare the trip of a lifetime

leaving to travel around the world was simply the best decision of our lives! Since that one day in 2021 when we decided around a bottle of wine to travel around the world, our lives have been completely disrupted.

We travelled full-time for 19 months from China to South America via Southeast Asia, we made dozens of encounters, discovered places that will remain engraved in our memories, got to know other cultures, other languages… We first traveled at full speed, then slowed down to just take the time… the time to talk, to meet, the time that we often lack in our daily lives.

How to Travel Around the World and prepare the trip of a lifetime

Then we returned to Switzerland, we found good jobs in Zurich… We resigned again to reopen the parenthesis for good this time. Since then we have taken our work with us in our backpacks and exchanged our pretty Swiss apartment for a way of life that suits us better: the digital nomad lifestyle.

Since 2021, we have written and shared many blog posts with you about traveling around the world or long-distance travel. On this page, we’ve tried to put all this in order to help you find your way through all these years of blogging. We hope you will find a lot of useful information but also inspiration that may help you to take your turn in the adventure of a round the world trip.

Our free ebook and our book to travel around the world

First of all, we would like to start by introducing you to 2 resources that we have created and in which we have put a lot of energy and heart. We hope this will inspire you and help you embark on the adventure of a round-the-world trip.

Our free ebook to prepare your round the world trip

There is sometimes some confusion about our e-book because you can either read it online on our website ufabet or download it in pdf format. But in both cases the content is almost the same:).

We simply tried to create the book we would have liked to have before our world tour and we hope that it will inspire many future travellers. If you want more information, you can take a look at the book page. Otherwise you can simply buy it directly on our publisher’s website or on Amazon (or in more than 500 bookshops in Switzerland and France)