Camp Food Ideas: Back pack on the mountain

My husband’s family has always loved to camp; he likes to tell stories about how the whole family would pack up and go out for days. When we got married he decided it was time for me to sample the experience for myself.

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camp food

However, I certainly wasn’t going to be eating the same camping food that he’d grown accustomed to.

Of course I had been camping before, but it was always short trips; we would bring snacks and drinks, spend a few hours at a campsite and go back home after one night. Pre made meals for camping didn’t feature in our plans.

My husband’s idea of camping is different; he likes to be out in nature for days at a time, and that means that we have to think carefully about what we’ll eat. I tried lugging a stove to our campsite a few times, but it wasn’t a very rewarding experience.

Not only did we have to bring along fuel, something would always go wrong. We would often find ourselves eating processed, packaged snacks.

The other reason I gave up on cooking meals while camping is that I would inevitably do it alone; while the rest of the family was having fun I would be stuck trying to put meals together, not to mention many of the fresh ingredients would go bad in a day or two.

After one particularly bad experience, when our stove got soaked in a summer shower, I decided to take a different approach; I would take along ready-to-eat ingredients that we would combine to create meals.

Over the years I have found excellent pre made meals for camping, and I’m going to share them with you. With these you don’t need refrigeration or a stove, and they make camping super-easy.

Pop tarts

These pastries come with many different fillings and they have a long life shelf. They are ready to eat right out of the packaging and don’t require refrigeration or a stove.


Next time you go camping and you don’t have a stove, bring along several boxes of your favourite cereal and some dehydrated milk. It makes for an excellent breakfast and you can also eat it as a snack during the day. I usually take home-made granola full of healthy, organic ingredients.


Sandwiches can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or supper. You will need to bring bread that doesn’t go stale quickly. Homemade white bread can last for up to seven days (baked without milk, eggs or sugar).

The only thing you have to remember about cooking over a campfire is that you need wood, so you should plan to camp in an area where there’s plenty of it around.

Campfires are especially good if you are going fishing as you can cook your catch of the day.