“Visit Poland” to see winter snow

Poland is a country in the center of Europe with a long history. It was once removed from the world map due to its conquest by various powers, making Poland a country that has been overlooked by many tourists, and Poland has many beautiful sights awaiting you, especially the winter atmosphere of Poland is very romantic. What will the Polish country be like? How beautiful will the sights be? Let’s go see it together.

The Republic of Poland is a central European country bordering 7 countries, the landscape is almost completely flat. With a population of about 38.5 million people, Warsaw (Warsaw) is the capital of the country. The language is Polish, but you don’t have to be afraid of communication. Because people here speak English well as well.

Poland has four seasons:

The winter in Poland has an average temperature of – 5 to – 1 degrees Celsius, and the summer has an average temperature of 16.5 to 19 degrees Celsius. Check the weather carefully before going on a trip. In order to choose clothes to suit the weather Poland is about 6 hours slower than that of Thailand, but during the Polish summer, the time will be adjusted faster, the time difference from Thailand by around 5 hours. Zloty is about $ 10.

1. Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. It is the center of major industries such as steel, automobile, industrial machinery. There are several interesting sights in Warsaw. 

  • Old Town Zone is the old town of Warsaw. Which is considered the center of the city
  • Royal Route Zone or Ratchadamnoen Road It is a road that connects the old city palace and the new palace located outside the city.
  • The new urban zone is a central economic zone full of communist architecture. With high-rise buildings and modern shopping malls showing the capitalism

The zone that we will take to see today is the Old Town zone, a zone that has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a romantic tourist destination. Suitable for traveling in winter.

Royal Castle

New city And inside the castle there is a small exhibition of paintings from famous artists in the past to see as well. Any friend who likes art can tell you that you cannot miss it. As for the atmosphere around The castle in winter is so romantic, don’t tell anyone. Because it will be covered with snow

2. Krakow

Kra Beard is Poland’s World Cultural Heritage Site. If anyone likes to take pictures or want to get a beautiful corner to go home, friends can walk to take pictures of beautiful buildings from here Because there are architecture of every age, from Romanesque to neoclassical and Art Nouveau

Market Square or Rynek Glowny

Market Square (Market Square) or Rynek Glowny Market (Rynek Glowny) is a town square that is like the heart of sightseeing in Krakow so that you can see the atmosphere of the city in the middle ages. It’s beautiful, bustling, and full of winter colors. 

Walking along the street, you will see various shops. Lined up There are coffee shops, lovely pubs and restaurants here, I have come to serve them.  Anyone who wants to see the view around the city in a chic way Do not miss it. 

The horse-drawn carriage fare is approximately 200 PLN, can travel approximately 4 – 5 people. It takes about 30 minutes to explore the city from the Market Square area to Wawel Hill. Here is Sukiennice, the oldest department store in Europe. There are many different products to choose from. It is said that anyone can buy anything they want here.

Wawel cathedral

Wawel Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous cathedrals in Krakow. It is characterized by Gothic architecture. Built by the order of King Kasimir III in the 14th century, it is now the only remaining throne of the Polish royal family. That is, the sword at the coronation of the King of Poland. This cathedral used to be the venue for the coronation of all kings. It is also a burial place for kings, nobles, religious leaders. As well as famous heroes from the past, you can also stroll through the beauty of the 18 churches located within the cathedral area.

3. Zakopane

The mountain town and skier’s paradise, Zakopane is located in southern Poland. Next to the slovak border It is dubbed “The winter capital of Poland”. Because many tourists visit here in winter to see the city surrounded by mountains and snow. Here there are many hills with different levels for your friends. Let’s try skiing or snowboarding as well.

Morskie Oko Lake

Lake Morskie Oko (Morskie Oko) or the Sea Eye is named because this lake is as beautiful as the eyes of the sea. Morsekia Okoh Lake is the largest lake in the Tatra Mountains, located in the Rybi Potok valley, part of the Tatra National Park. Registered as a World Heritage Site in 1993 in the lake area with the amenities. Complete with both bathrooms and restaurants Anyone who likes natural scenery or wants to take pictures in the snow and white valleys, as if out of a fairy tale, say that you must not miss a visit to Morsekia Lake. 

The highlight here during the summer is hiking, hiking, biking or sailing, while in the winter when snow has completely covered the mountains. Popular activities are skiing or snowboarding. Can be called no matter what season comes Here is a real tourist attraction.