Vaccine Tourism unites countries to allow foreigners to get COVID-19

Vaccine Tourism or Covid-19 vaccination tour, the concept of attracting foreign tourists to come for vaccination. In order to restore and promote tourism Where is it interesting and details? Let’s see.

Vaccine Tourism or the Covid-19 vaccination tour is becoming another trend for many people. In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic , some countries continue to vaccinate their own citizens. The accelerated vaccination is what the world like us hopes to bring back all situations to normal soon.

Vaccine Tourism unites countries to allow foreigners to get COVID-19

Some countries (especially those that already have enough vaccines) have developed a vaccine tour idea.  Or still able to inject only certain groups of people If we want to go on a trip and get vaccinated Which country is interesting? What are the details? Let’s take a brief look.

1. Maldives

          People who are thinking of the dreamy tourist’s dream island, crystal clear waters and blue skies. In the midst of a romantic atmosphere May soon come closer to the truth Because the state has announced a vaccine tourism But even so, there is no clear plan to support it. 

2. Dubai

          One of the most important metropolitan cities in the United Arab Emirates. The vaccination is open for free to tourists from all countries. Except for flights from South Africa, Nigeria and India up to 14 days, all travelers are required to bring a negative COVID 19 test no later than 72 hours prior to arrival, which may need to be re-tested upon arrival. Depending on the country of origin And everyone is required to be detained in accordance with the requirements of the Government Guidelines.


          Norway There is a travel company “World Visitor” organizing a Russian tourism program. There are packages to choose from

          – 2 trips within a 1-month period, each time receiving 1 dose of vaccine for 1,199 Euros
          . A luxury wellness resort in Russia for 22 days, vaccinated on the first and last days of the program for € 2,999
          – a trip to a spa hotel in Turkey. Take a break at the Moscow airport There will be a vaccination center in the terminal building.

          The program will begin in July 2021, but the Russian government has not yet received official approval.