Top tourist attractions in Hungary”

Visit Hungary, a land of history and ancient architecture. You can say that when you turn any direction you will find the most spectacular architecture. Until I had to pick up the camera to capture the picture anyway Hungary has the capital city of Budapest (Budapest) has been called. “Pearl of the Danube” because the city was called a big river “Danube” divides the city into two sides, creating a magnificent bridge across the river. It is very beautiful. Make Hungary become another tourist destination that should not be missed. And where are some places that people like to go to? Let’s go get to know each other.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle is Budapest’s most important historical attraction, with a history spanning more than eight centuries.

Front of Buda Castle We can see the Danube River and the huge Chain Bridge. At night, the city sparkles with many lights. Resulting in a reflection on the water It is a beautiful sight that everyone must not miss. With a fascinating and rich history Make Buda Castle It was registered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO World Heritage Organization.

For those who are interested in wanting to admire the beauty of this castle. Getting around is easy. Just take the Castle Hill cable car. Then go down to St. George’s Square, you will be able to reach the castle.

Chain Bridge

Near Buda Castle, you can see the Chain Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe that crosses the Danube River, another symbol of Budapest ( Budapest), built in 1839 by British engineer William Tierney Clark, was the first large chain bridge connecting the Buda and Pest. All steel and materials are all taken from England. At the Jain semis, there is a stone sculpture of a lion lying on both sides. Even more at night This bridge will be illuminated with lights. Looking out, you will see a beautiful view that you have to say Wow! The boat And beautiful buildings along the banks of the river I certify that it is an impressive and beautiful picture that you will definitely forget your breath.

Hungarian Parliament building

The Hungarian Parliament is the most beautiful parliament in the world and the largest in Europe. Stand out on the Danube River on the banks of Pest. The building is neo-Gothic. Decorated with 40 kilograms of gold, over 500,000 jewels, and the structure in the center is a 96-meter-high dome, it took 20 years to complete this magnificent structure.

There are 691 rooms in the building, with a guided tour of each round. The guides will take around 50 minutes to tour the rooms for those who intend to visit here. If you don’t want to frustration I recommend buying tickets in advance. Because the tickets sold each day have a limited amount

The Hungarian Parliament Building is another popular tourist destination to visit and take beautiful pictures during the day. You will see a building with a red dome against the blue sky. Part at night The light from the building will illuminate.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most beautiful sights and must-see when visiting Budapest in Hungary. It was built in 1895 as a white fortress in Neo-Gothic style. It was created to commemorate the bravery of the fishermen who sacrificed their lives to protect this country. Inside there are seven watchtowers that represent the Magyars. Standing on top of Castle Hill, this fortress offers panoramic views of the Danube River, the Chain Bridge, and the Hungarian Parliament Building. The more at night The lights from the buildings sparkle. It is a picture that is beyond description. I can confirm.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

If you’re looking to relax your body after a long day in Budapest. A visit to the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the largest hot spring spas in Europe, with three large outdoor pools and 15 indoor pools. It has properties to help relieve pain and improve blood circulation in the body. We can choose to take a dip in the water that is suitable for you from different pools. There are a variety of poolside activities to do, such as in-water massages. Nail decoration Facial treatment Or sipping a cold beer Watching the surrounding atmosphere, it doesn’t matter from here, there is also a steam room to sit and relax as well.

Every Saturday night during the summer Here will hold a pool party Can come join in for a drink and listen to chill music At the outdoor pool with hundreds of other people joining in the fun It can be said that it is a really complete bathhouse, there are many activities to choose from.

For travel You can take a bus from the city center to the spa in 15 minutes, or take the subway to Széchenyi fürdö station, right next to the spa.