HUNGARY, beautiful architecture

If anyone is looking for a European city of architecture. We recommends Hungary. A country in central Europe with many beautiful architecture. An interesting tourist city would be inevitable “Budapest“, the capital of Hungary, nickname “Pearl of the Danube” because the city is locate on both banks of the Danube. The west side of the river is call Buda and the east side of the river is call Pest. Hungary also shares a border with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. So it’s easy to get around the country as well. Hungary is better

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

The first stop was the Chenzechenyi Bridge. A bridge that crosses the Danube to connect the Buda and Pest sides together. It has a level of beauty. That is consider one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe that has it all. This bridge became one of the symbols of Budapest and Hungary. The appearance of the bridge is a chain bridge. Around the semis there is a lion carve statue. Legend has it that it was a lion guarding the bridge itself.

Buda Castle

Buda Castle is consider another important symbol of Budapest. Because it stands on a hill. Buda Castle, more than 300 meters long. It was the former residence of the Hungarian kings and a fortress against invaders. Today, the interior houses the National Gallery and the History Museum. There are many ancient armors and decorations. In addition to the exquisite interior. The view from the top of the castle looking down on the Danube is also very beautiful.

Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament Building is located on the Pest side of the Danube. It is the largest parliament building in Europe. The building style was influence by London’s parliament. Beautiful, outstanding with neo-Gothic style. Decorated with over 40 kg of gold and 500,000 jewels, it has 27 entrance doors, over 700 rooms, and took over 20 years to build. They say that the parliament building is the most beautiful in the world. Friends can go inside to see. There will be a guide to take you in. It only takes a short tour of about 45 minutes.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath

Arriving in Budapest, we have to try the Sechenyi Bath. The bathhouse with the largest hot spring spa in Europe. There are both outdoor and indoor pools. The water in the pool is natural mineral water. Each pool has a different temperature for friends. Choose to soak as appropriate. Mineral pools are known to help with circulatory system and relieve pain. If anyone walks around every now. And then here is another interesting point. Guaranteed to help you relax a lot.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The next important attraction is the neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style white fortress. It is a fortress built to commemorate the sacrifices of the fishermen who gather to protect the city of Budapest. The fortress area consists of seven watchtowers. This fort is consider as one of the most beautiful viewpoints. From the fort area you can look down on the banks of the Danube. You will see beautiful views of the Parliament and the Chenzechenyi Bridge. Especially if you come at night. I guarantee that you will get good photos. Back to full camera for sure.

Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square is an important square in Budapest. Built to celebrate the 1000th anniversary of Hungary itself. This Heroes Square is home to a monument to the Hungarian heroes of the past. It consisted of Hungarian leaders in conquest of the Carpathians. (Carpathians), including the heads of the seven Hungarian tribes. In the center is a white column, 36 meters high, and atop the pillar is a statue of Gabriel. The archangel standing In addition, the area around the square has both a garden and a museum for friends. You can also visit.

Gellert Hill

If anyone is looking for a viewpoint that offers panoramic views of both sides of Budapest, Gellert is a must. this hill. Because here is a high hill making it possible to see the city view on both sides In addition to that above there is another important symbol of Hungary. It is the statue of the olive-leave statue of Cittadella, known to some as the Hungarian Statue of Liberty. Along the way up there is a wall showing pictures of the past and present of Budapest to friends. have seen as well