7 places to visit in “Budapest”, Hungary

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. Which combines two cities, Buda is in the west. and the city of Pest in the east. The middle part is the Danube. Budapest offers a wealth of historical, cultural and natural beauty. Until it has been dubbed “Queen of the Danube” and is known as one of the most prominent urban areas in the world. Budapest has many interesting attractions. Today we recommend all 7 places as follows.

1. Szépművészeti Múzeum 

It founded by King Franz Joseph of Hungary in 1906 to celebrate the creation of the country more than a thousand years ago. Inside contains many old works of art. both Egyptian art art from greek Ancient Etruscan, Roman, and Greco-Egyptian which will be exhibited in rotation It also showcases tens of thousands of paintings, paintings, prints and sculptures.

2. Varosliget 

It is the most popular place in Budapest. Both locals and tourists come to the city park to relax in the midst of nature. and do many activities both walking through the garden See contemporary works by local and international artists at the Hall of Art. Visit Europe’s largest agricultural museum at Vajdahunyad Castle, and kids will love the Budapest Zoo. Rent a rowboat around the lake. There are also whirlpools, saunas, swimming pools and massages at the Szechenyi Baths, Budapest’s famous natural hot spring.

3. Hosok Tere

It is one of the most visited places in Budapest. It is the location of the Millennium Monument, a monument to the heroes of the past. The tall pillar stands out and is majestic. At the top stands a statue of Gabriel the Archangel. And the columns below are the locations of various statues. It symbolizes war, peace, work, welfare, knowledge and prosperity. If anyone has traveled to Budapest must not miss seeing the greatness of this monument.

4. Vajdahunyad Castle

 It is a castle that is different from other castles. because it does not belong to the royal family But it is the largest agricultural museum in Europe. There are many interesting exhibits, such as an exhibition on agriculture and farmers from the Neolithic to modern times. Exhibitions on the development of domestic animals, hunting, fishing, forestry in Hungary, etc. There are also 40 other museums, ranging from stamps to miniature vehicles. There are many to choose from.

5. Nemzeti Színház 

walk around the city to the fullest. Stop by to watch the drama is another interesting option. The National Theater presents contemporary and literary plays. The show will be mainly in Hungarian. For those who do not understand Hungarian There are also classic plays to watch as well. In addition to watching the drama The area outside the show center There is also a beautiful garden. What stands out is a large labyrinth for you to explore and explore.

6. Matthias Church

It has been the coronation of Hungarian kings for decades. It is now a place of worship. Matthias Church is located on Castle Hill in Buda. west bank of the danube Distinguished by the architecture of Baroque mixed with Gothic. The roof is covered with colorful glittering tiles. Gargoyle-shaped rain gutter Inside the church are frescoes with gold leaf motifs and stained glass windows. and is also the location of the museum The Ecclesiastical Art Museum contains medieval stone carvings. sacred relics Gems and replicas of the royal crown from the coronation of Hungary to see as well.

7. Citadella

Budapest’s best sightseeing spot From the top of the hills surrounding the fortress that has towered over the city for more than 150 years, the fort’s high walls show the meandering Danube River. The houses are lined up below. And there is a bridge connecting 2 sides. If you visit here is the last place of the trip. After walking around the outside of the fortress Explore Russia’s underground bunker Already bought souvenirs Then walk to the viewpoint to see the sunset in the evening. While watching the city gradually light up, it was a very impressive end to the trip.