7 “Attractions when visiting Germany”

Germany is a popular destination for tourists visiting Europe. In spite of the fact that most cities are in order. There are many historical and natural attractions. There are also some of the most famous food staples such as beer, sausages, fried pork knuckles, in some cities there are local dishes with a touch of Switzerland and Austria. I can say in one word that you will travel, eat, and everything is complete. Including traveling is easy as well.

1. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

A castle that seems like it came out of a fairy tale, this prince. Located in the Bavarian region of the city of Munich. The architecture itself can be said to be both spectacular, plus a grand size. The more being located among the alpine trees Make it more beautiful beyond imagination It also has different beauty in every season. You can say that whenever you go, you will definitely get your pride and take it home.

2. Heidelberg Castle, Germany

A 700 year old castle perched on a hill in Heidelberg. This castle is considered an important landmark that if you come to this town you cannot come here at all. Because outside is outstanding in architecture that is a perfect blend of Renaissance and Gothic It is also registered as a World Heritage Site from UNESCO as well. You can also view the romantic views of the city in full. While enjoying the view along the Neckar River at the same time.

3. Rugen

This is the largest German island. Located in the north of the Baltic Sea. Within the state of Mecklenburg-Fort Pormern It’s not just to walk around with beautiful beaches, beautiful sea and blue sky Also on the island is home to the Yasmund National Park, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site. This makes the natural tourist attractions of this island very distinctive. Either limestone cliffs or chalk rocks A walk to see the treetops in the middle of the beech forest on the 1,250 meter long track, and you can also enjoy a great view at the viewpoint at the King’s Chair Cliff, which is said to be the most beautiful.

4. Nymphenburg Palace, Germany

Baroque palace Located within the city of Munich. Not only will you glimpse the beauty of the architecture that is simple and unique. People who love art can also see works of art that are both on the ceiling. Including various paintings that have been exhibited for more viewing.

5. Reichstag Building, Germany

Reichstag Building Or that many people will hear in the name of the German Parliament Located within the city of Berlin. The building is considered to be part of a major part of German history, as it was in the past a center of command and operations in Hitler’s rise. Inside, there are things that were used at that time, including the Archives of Parliament and the messages on the old wall. That will allow us to have a deeper look at the war It is open to visitors to the office. Various meeting rooms In terms of architecture, it gives a very formal feel with style. Neo Renaissance And if you want to see the beautiful view of Berlin, you can go up to the top of the dome to enjoy the view easily.

6. Brandenburg Gate, Germany

A popular landmark in downtown Berlin. This door was built in the form of Neoclassical architecture. It was primarily built as a symbol of peace. Throughout the post-war era, this is also a European peace. Although during World War I 2 will be destroyed in many parts If later it has been restored to its original beauty.

7. Cologne Cathedral, Germany

The famous Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne is probably one of the top in the world to build. Because it began to be built in 1248, but until it was actually completed in 1880, in total it was more than 600 years of the architectural style, this is distinguished by the Gothic style. One of the highlights of this place is that the twin towers are 157.38 meters high, 86 meters wide and 144 meters long. This place also includes many of the best that are not just the creation of the world’s longest one. But it still receives the 4th place at the highest temple in Gothic architecture. And is also registered as a world heritage site.