5 Top “Tourist Attractions in Europe”

Europe is a dream land that most people want to visit at least once. It is a precious destination that captures both the beauty of art and architecture. Including the culture and traditions that look charming Here is a list of some of the landmarks in Europe that are worth visiting.

Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower

Among the negative criticism that Destroy the beauty of Paris with its ugly steel frames, high-rise steel structures blocking their eyes. And admire the beauty of the Seine Finally, the Eiffel Tower is a popular spot. Anyone who comes to Paris has to take pictures as well. This tower was the first tallest building in the world. Until the Empire State Building Completed in 1931.

On a nice day, you can go up to see the top floor at 899 feet. At night the Eiffel Tower is lit up very beautifully And the best corner to take photos of the Eiffel Tower is the Trocadero area,   with both souvenir shops and restaurants open daily from 9:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

2. Leaning Tower of Pisa: Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning tower of pisa It is a strange marble tower, 54 meters (181 ft) high, has 8 floors, each floor has marble columns carved in fine patterns. Began to build in 1717 (AD 1174) to complete in the year 1893 (AD 1350) take up to 176 years, which is the building that takes the longest time to build in the world. 

But not to collapse  because of the force at the center of gravity When it hauled down and did not go out of the base, so it did not fall and remained stable When finished The top of the tower tilted 4 meters (14 feet) from the vertical, and this leaning tower helped Galileo. Famous Italian scientists of the world Experimented with the speed of an object falling from a high place.

3. The Mound of Strange Stonehenge: Stonehenge 

This strange rock is in the middle of the fields in Salisbury. The outer circle is 100 feet long, with 30 stones, each 13 feet high. The center circle is 76 feet long and contains 40 stones, up to 22 feet high, the inner circle is 50 feet long, with 42 stones falling, some set some high Each stone weighs in tons. The average is 4 meters high and weighs 26 tons.

It is a structure without any trace of its history. Does anyone know who built it, for what purpose? That is strange. In that river is a wide field There are no mountains and other stone structures, so it makes us wonder where the builders brought those stones. Reaching 13 feet high, it is a marvelous structure that challenges the curiosity of modern humans.

4.Hagia of Saint Sophia:  Mosque  of  Hagia Sophia  (Istanbul) 

The Hagia of Saint Sophia (Saint Sophia) or the Hagia Sophia Church is now a prayer meeting for the Muslims. In the past it was a Christian church. Emperor Constantine was built around the 13th century and took 17 years to build a Christian church. But was destroyed by terrorists many times because of the conflict between Christian and Islam

Until the time of Justinian Dominating Turkey Therefore rebuilt the St. Sophia Church It took the church base for 20 years, the church for 5 years, about the year 1996 (AD 1435) he wanted to be the most beautiful, trying to find. Various valuables Many decorated Completed, there was a great celebration, after which a great earthquake caused a crack to be completed by a mechanic to complete the original condition.
At the end of the reign of Emperor Justinian Until the time of King Mohammed II had power over Turkey. And a religious person Islam converted this church into an Islamic mosque. But still retains its beauty as before

 The Saint Sophia Hagia covers an area of ​​700 square meters, with 108 elaborately carved and ornamental columns inside (68 small upper floors, 40 large downstairs), topped with domes, like a bun, and a minarest tower. There are many spiers due to Christian art. Mixed with this Islam makes it a wonderful beauty.

5. Palace of Versailles: Palace of Versailles

It is a very beautiful palace built by Louis XIV of France was designed by architect Aldredd Le Noster. Started to build in the year 2204 (AD 1661) built for 30 years, the end of the cost of 500,000,000 francs, 30,000 workers, all parts made of white marble. It is a model and a very beautiful construction art.

Inside the palace is divided into different rooms such as bedroom, dining room, pleasure room, writing room, alphabet hall, government office hall, etc. Each room has many valuable ornaments including objects and famous art paintings. The most famous room is the glass room that was previously signed. It was signed in the Allies with Germany during World War I, and was signed when the Germans defeated France. In World War 2, too, in every major war in France. Therefore must declare Paris as a demilitarized city, namely There were no soldiers located. There was no fighting whatsoever to save this palace. Must be damaged by attacks Of the enemy, by any means, every year there are nowadays, France’s most prized architecture and the world with at least 1,000,000 tourists visiting its beauty per year.