6 “Best Places to visit in Austria”

Austria is more than half of the area is mountainous. And also the beauty of the lake that is not lost in other European countries, the main view of millions. There are many interesting attractions. Each of which has a long history But still retains the ancient culture as well Outstanding in the beauty of nature Surrounded by mountains and lakes Combined with the lovely and beautiful buildings of each city The more it doubles the more perfect. Guarantee that anyone who has come in contact will definitely fall in love with.


Vienna, the land of romantic music is Austria’s largest capital. Excellent location In the midst of beautiful nature Cultural heritage Fine art And beautiful classical music Which is the birthplace of many famous classic composers, whether it is Mozart, world classical composer, Beethoven (Beethoven), famous pianist World Class Johann Strauß, the King of Waltz.

The town is clean and inviting. Oh wow, if the charm would be overwhelming. Major tourist cities of europe And it is a dream honeymoon destination for couples from all over the world. Because it is both romantic and has many beautiful attractions

By UNESCO as a world press 2 places, namely the Old Town in the heart of Vienna And Schoenbrunn Palace, the great summer palace of the Habsburg dynasty. Behind a spacious park And it also has the oldest zoo in the world.


This town is so proud to present it, Halsstatt, the small town on the lake of Hallstatt See that everyone will definitely fall in love with from stepping in! The first thing you will be able to experience is the clean, serene air and the lovely town. Less than a thousand people lived. In the background, steep mountains surround the city of a blue lagoon with swans swimming. Cute houses Descending Down the mountain The city is filled with small restaurants and colorful flowers. 

It’s no surprise that it’s known as the oldest and most beautiful lake town in the world! It has also been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A type of community that is harmoniously blended between the beautiful landscapes and the ancient cultures of the world. It is one of Austria’s most popular tourist destinations. Suitable for vacationers. Take a walk to see the nature and beautiful scenery of the city, the day is beautiful, the night atmosphere is excellent, the lights are beautiful and warm

Able to travel all year round. Each season is beautiful differently. During the autumn leaves, they range from green, yellow, orange and red throughout the mountains and villages. If it is winter, white snow will cover the mountains. 

There will also be activities such as hiking, boating on the lake, skiing, visiting museums. Or travel to see an ancient salt mine that is more than 7,000 years old by taking a cable car up the mountain with a height of about 838 meters can be visited during the months of April to October of every year.


Salzburg, a world heritage city with a very long history of Austria. It is located in the north of the Alps. Surrounded by mountains and the beautiful Sarlsach River. Mingled with the charm of the music A moody romance. The buildings are beautiful. Decorated with baroque art Until he was known as the capital city of Baroque art.

This is the birthplace of the world-famous composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and is also a filming location for the famous movie The Sound of Music, that is, Mirabell Garden. The most beautiful in Salzburg Very spacious Decorated with baroque statues and fountains. Full of colorful flowers There are musicians playing music to create an atmosphere as well. 

From Mirabel Garden You will see Fortress Hohenzalzburg, the largest and most formidable in Europe. It was built to defend against the enemy and is the residence of the ruler of the Archbishop. And also exhibits many antiques Both the tiled fireplace that dates back to 1501 and the Biblical pictures.


When visiting Innsbruck even have to say that Is this heaven? Here is a small town Surrounded by the alps The Innes River flows by the word bruck is derived from the German word bridge which means bridge of the Innes. It was originally a resort town of the emperors who ruled the city because of the good weather and beautiful scenery. Until it has been dubbed the Capital of Alps. Oh wow. The name is not so common.

The city has a long history. Lovely colorful city. Lined up in an orderly manner Anyone who sees it has to take a picture as a memorial. Along the way, there are many restaurants and shops. Sit and chill Sip on delicious coffee at a street café In the midst of a good atmosphere In the embrace of the mountain.

The top of the mountain is covered with white snow all year round. It can be said that it is a skier’s paradise. There are plenty of bright ski resorts and is also famous for being a center of winter sports. Has hosted the Olympic Winter Games, which is the first city in the world to hold the Olympics three times ever.


Beautiful villages don’t only exist in postcards. But in the village of Alpbach in Tirol, which is known as the most beautiful village in Austria. And is the most beautiful flower village in Europe as well. The located on the plateau, it is bout 1,000 meters above sea level

When it comes to be amazed by the beauty of nature. Cute houses Among the valley Lush grassland as far as the eye can see. And lots of colorful flowers, the weather is good, I want to put it in a bag and bring it back to breathe at home. So close to nature like this, it feels so fresh. stop There are many activities to do, such as cycling, trekking, hiking, sipping wine, enjoying the view, or going for a honeymoon, it is quite romantic, hehe.

Or if coming in winter In the village there is also a Winter Village for skiing and other winter activitie.


Everyone must have heard of the Alps, right? It is the most massive mountain range in Europe. The territory spans Austria, Italy, Slovenia to Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Austria. It covers 60% of Austria and with the topography Beautiful scenery And clean air here Therefore able to attract tourists from all over the world Come to appreciate the charm And escape the chaos and come to rest unremittingly

There are a variety of activities to do, including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, golfing or walking. Admire the bounty of nature With many kinds of wild animals Winter vegetation, flower fields, meadows, glaciers, waterfalls, valley villages, ski resorts and excellent quality lakes known for being clean and sparkling. The forests in the highlands of the Alps are the source of fresh water. Consumed in Europe Plus the journey is comfortable and modern. Allowing tourists to travel to each other throughout the year.