5″Best places to visit in Switzerland”

Visiting Switzerland never disappoints anyone because the Swiss are so beautiful It is a country with magnificent nature and convenient train transportation. People have a good and kind quality of life. Famous for quality watches, There is neutrality in politics, finance and banking, but the limitations here are The cost of living is one of the top in Europe. However, Switzerland is one of the top destinations. For people who are going to travel to Europe for the first time too. 


Traveling all the time Do not miss seeing those beautiful scenery We would like to recommend Jungfraujoch, a ridge located on the Bernese Alps, which is 3,466 meters above sea level, has been a popular tourist destination for over 100 years and most importantly. The Jungfraujoch Railway Station is the highest subway station in Europe.

Another great addition to Switzerland’s peaks is the Swiss Alps, part of the Alps, located in the border of Switzerland, covering most of the high mountains of the Alps and the Gornergrat ridge. The rock of the Pennine Alps lies 3 km opposite Zermatt.


Chapel Bride is the oldest wooden bridge in the world. That is a symbol of the value of Lucerne By the bridge spanning the River Roys to the banks of the Old Town Lucerne It was built in the 14th century. It is 204 meters long. It is beautiful, elegant and very strong. That had been severely damaged by fire in 1993, but has been repaired until it is back in good condition until it is as good as before.

Lake Lucerne Or another name called Lake of the four forest cantons on the estuary of the Royce River. It is known as the most beautiful place in Switzerland.

Mount Pilatus

Located in Lucerne, there are many peaks. But the highest point is Tomlishorn at 2,128 meters, followed by Esel, 2,119 meters, which is the most exciting, challenging, thrilling and impressive activities here. It is inevitable to ride the Pilatus Railway up the mountain, because this is the steepest train in the world! Built in 1889, the train is still a steam engine. As for the opening of the service, mainly in the months of May-Nov.


Switzerland’s largest city It is an ancient city more than 2 thousand years with a population of approximately 1.7 million people both in the city and outside the city. The focus of the city is as a hub of many transportation. Whether transportation by rail, air, etc., with both the airport and the largest railway station in the country.  Because the tax is not expensive In terms of tourism Zurich is outstanding for its museums Old town And church architecture.

Lake Geneva

One of Geneva’s landmarks, this massive fountain in Lake Geneva emits 500 liters of water per second. Goes out of a nozzle at speeds of 200 km / h and up to 140 m. With a 500 kW pump, controlled by 2,400 volts, everyone can see the flames through the air. Airplane time Or even while in the city The fountain is so famous that it must appear on the city’s official tourism website. It was also used as a logo at the UEFA Championships 8 years ago when Geneva hosted it.