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ึึ5"Best places to visit in Switzerland"

5″Best places to visit in Switzerland”

Visiting Switzerland never disappoints anyone because the Swiss are so beautiful It is a country with magnificent nature and convenient train transportation. People have a good and kind quality of life. Famous for quality watches, There is neutrality in politics, finance and banking, but the limitations here are The cost

6 "best places to visit in Brunei"

6 “Best places to visit in Brunei”

Travel to Brunei, an unusual small country. Its full name is Negara Brunei Darussalam, meaning land of peace. It is also ranked as one of the 10 richest countries in the world. In addition to being rich and wealthy There are still many interesting attractions that you want

ุ6 "Best Places to visit in Austria"

6 “Best Places to visit in Austria”

Austria is more than half of the area is mountainous. And also the beauty of the lake that is not lost in other European countries, the main view of millions. There are many interesting attractions. Each of which has a long history But still retains the ancient culture

6 Best places to visit in Brazil

6 Best places to visit in Brazil

Visit to Brazil, the largest country in South America. Each place is beautiful, it is not surprising that this country is a destination for tourists from all over the world. We compiled the 6 best places to visit in Brazil for everyone. Christ the Redeemer Christ the Redeemer is

7 places to travel in the "Philippines"

7 places to travel in the “Philippines”

The Philippines is a country full of islands. It is another great country to visit near our home, surrounded by beautiful sea.  Boracay island Boracay is one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the Philippines. Even though it is a small island, it is colorful and full

"Perth tour in Australia"

“Perth tour in Australia”

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Which is one of the largest states in the world It covers a total area of ​​2,525,500 square kilometers. It’s a city with more hours of sunshine than anywhere else. In Australia Making it suitable for various outdoor activities Located on the banks of

Top tourist attractions in Hungary"

Top tourist attractions in Hungary”

Visit Hungary, a land of history and ancient architecture. You can say that when you turn any direction you will find the most spectacular architecture. Until I had to pick up the camera to capture the picture anyway Hungary has the capital city of Budapest (Budapest) has been

"Argentina", an Amazing Country in South America

“Argentina”, an Amazing Country in South America

Argentina is one of the best places to visit in South America. Because in addition to having beautiful buildings and houses that are strikingly beautiful and unique cultural arts Argentina also has a different and varied topography like a desert in the Ischigalasto Natural Park , the giant

5 Tourist Attractions in "Sydney Australia"

5 Tourist Attractions in “Sydney Australia”

Sydney, a vibrant and colorful city and beautiful architecture relaxing beach atmosphere, Aussie style, old luxury department store. The third largest fish market in the world or a zoo by the bay, known as one of the most beautiful in the world, is gathered in this city in harmony

5 " Romantic cities in Europe"

5 ” Romantic cities in Europe”

For a couple. To travel or honeymoon in that romantic place. Will even create good memories and add a lot of sweetness to each other. We have selected 5 most romantic cities in Europe for you to go out and have a sweetheart 1. Rothenburg First of all,