“Perth tour in Australia”

Perth is the capital city of Western Australia. Which is one of the largest states in the world It covers a total area of ​​2,525,500 square kilometers. It’s a city with more hours of sunshine than anywhere else. In Australia Making it suitable for various outdoor activities Located on the banks of the Swan and Canning rivers, there is a beautiful ocean shore beach. There is a palm tree line that divides the horizon and the sea. It also has the fastest economic growth.

The climate around the city is quite good all year round. Each year the climate is warm and sunny for nine months. It has a Mediterranean climate. Which has a warm summer and no rain Winter is not cold.

Swan River cruise

Take a boat ride on the Swan River to see picturesque scenes around Perth. Passing by various landmarks of the city You can take a boat to Swan Valley to visit the vineyards or take a boat trip to the Perth Zoo. 

Perth Zoo

Meet over 1300 interesting animals from around the world and a wide variety of rare plants. Perth Zoo also has the Fauna Friendly Gardens, a garden that categorizes different animal species and offers a variety of shows to enjoy with the lovable animals.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden

A park on the west side of Perth. With an area of ​​approximately 2500 rai There is a viewpoint that can see the surrounding city. The park is perfect for a stroll or a picnic in Kings Park, part of the Botanical Gardens. There are more plants 2000 species in this garden

Western Australian Museum

A museum that tells a story Aboriginal culture And matters of biodiversity Discovery of Meteorite and Dinosaur Falcils in Western Australia It is safe to say that this museum tells the story of what happened in Western Australia.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

State Gallery of Western Australia This gallery has more than 17000 works of art, most of them Western Australia’s indigenous art and also international art. The gallery is open from 10 AM to 5 AM. Tuesday

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), one of Australia’s premier cultural arts centers. There is an art show The fascinating cultural heritage and contemporary art fair at PICA also hosts theater performances.

Perth Mint

Who is a coin collector I highly recommend you to go to the Perth Mint. Here they have coins made for collectors. Or someone who wants to bring it as a souvenir There are many series of coins here, they are made into many collections. The series of animals, sports, dignitaries, etc.

There are various materials used to make coins including iron, silver, platinum and gold. 10 Australian dollar (Approximately 300-400 baht) to 3000 Australian dollars (Approximately 100,000 baht) The price depends on the materials used and the series of that coin. If any coin is a limited edition, the price will be very high. If you want to find a good souvenir, this Perth Mint coin is a great idea.