Amazing places to “visit in Australia”

There are many places to visit in Australia, both beautiful and unique. With its vast expanse,  Australia  offers a wide variety of landscapes. The area has many interesting natural beauty. But we will introduce the top 10 that are distinguished according to the landscape you will have to wow wow. Is this nature really created?


Europeans from the mainland began to immigrate. Melbourne settled in 1835 and has grown rapidly in every way. It became an administrative political center in 1901, was chosen as the country’s capital before moving to Canberra in 1927 Melbourne was the host of the Olympic Games and is now the second largest city in the country after Sydney, Melbourne was also previously ranked as the world’s most liveable city.

Great Ocean Road 

The road stretches for a total of 243 kilometers along the southeast coast of Australia. Between the Victorian cities, Torquay and Warrnambool. (Warrnambool) the road has a width of about 2 lanes to one side. Not wide enough There is an expansion of the lane to have a back-up one periodically to allow the slow car to allow faster cars to overtake.

If the road is Build in the present time Would be not that difficult But when thinking about new post-World War I It took 3000 veteran workers as the backbone of road construction. Because the road machines in those days were not as good as today

The road was born from creating jobs To honor soldiers returning from World War I and to honor the soldiers who lost their way to fighting in the First World War, this road has many beautiful en route images along both sides of the road. Which will have a point for tourists to stop and take pictures 

12 Apostles of God (Twelve Apostles)

It is a natural limestone block carved into a strange shape. They are amazingly different. Scattered on the beach There is a walkway for tourists to walk in and take pictures with each other in full and intimate places. There is also a Bird Eyes View tour by helicopter ride. See the beauty of the Twelve Apostles and Port Cambell National Park, approximately 26 kilometers round trip, cost about 2,800 baht per person, takes about 10 minutes only. 

Loch Ard Gorge

It is a large curved mountain. That was eroded by sea water until it penetrated into a hole in the middle Another beautiful model. 1878, the British marine vessel Loch Ard, sailing to the waters of Melbourne. In the sea for three months until May 31, prepare to return. But the weather on that day was very bad. The lighthouse light was not visible on Cape Otway, Captain Gibb, who commanded the ship at that time. Seeing that the boat is going to crash, he orders the boat to stop fully, but it is too late. Collide with the reef Until the water enters the boat And sinking in this area, making the name Loch Ard Gorge to the present. 

London Bridge

It is a stone island located on the beach. It looks like a bridge over the Thames in London. In the past, it was connected to the mainland, but in 1990 it was torn off by the waves from the mainland. The only remaining stone island is located. 


Sydney is actually not a capital city, but a city at the center of everything. The city of tourism, fashion, trade, finance and banking is also known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Sydney Opera House / Sydney Habour Bridge

Anyone visiting Sydney must not miss the Sydney Harbor Bridge, located on the harbor in the heart of Sydney. Australia. Sydney Harbor Bridge is the largest single-plane bridge in the world. (But not the longest in the world), which opened for the first time on March 19, 1932, after a period of six years of construction at a height of 134 meters above sea level, built from 52,000 tons of steel using paint. Built 272,000 liters of bridge and 1,400 people involved in the construction of the bridge. 

Nearby is the Sydney Opera house or the Sydney Opera House. It is one of the great iconic buildings of the 20th century, a picture of beauty. 

The mighty ones that are known all over the world It symbolizes cities, countries and all of the continents. The Opera House itself is approximately 1.8 hectares and 4.5 acres. It consists of the following rooms: Concert hall with 2,679 seats and pipes or pipes The largest axis in the world, Opera House 1,

The Rocks area

It is an old town that has a charming charm to attract tourists. Get a taste of Sydney’s yesteryear. The Rocks is the place where the first British fleet of 1,030 people arrived in Sydney. As of January 1788, of these 500 male prisoners, 200 female inmates and 13 children, they pioneered the clearing, clearing the pong, building shops, hospitals, houses and barracks. From then there has been improvements to build houses to transform the city continuously as long as today.

Bondi Beach

It’s the most popular beach in Sydney. Which this beach is a beach that is not so far from the city By train Then connect to the bus Within minutes, it is also a popular beach among young people. 

Because there is a lot of people playing on the Surf Board and it is also a great place to sunbathe and relax. In front of the Beach there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from when hungry and there is also Thai food. If you are thinking of Thai flavors, this place has you covered.

Blue Mountains

Is a famous tourist attraction It’s about 2 hours south of Sydney by driving at normal speed. Traveling to see the charm of this mountain can be done in a number of ways. For example, may use a train service that will leave the train. Central Station every hour, and two hours later, at Katoomba Station, it is followed by Explorer Bus, which also leaves Katoomba Station every hour as well, starting at 9:30 AM. Until 4:30 p.m., tickets for both train and bus tickets are available at very attractive prices.

The Blue Mountains are a land of natural works. There are many mountains for us to see. The most outstanding mountain range here is the Three Sister Rocks mountain range, also known as Khao Sam Onong, with three mountains lined up here, perfect for watching the sunset. Because it is especially beautiful, suitable for taking pictures


It’s the capital of Western Australia. And near Thailand The flight time from Thailand is about 6-7 hours. Perth time is 1 hour faster than Thailand. The weather is generally warm and comfortable. Long summer Winter is not very cold And there is sunshine all year round.

Downtown (Down town or Central Business District  ) 

There are many travel destinations such as The Western Australia Museum is home to the history and environment of Western Australia on exhibits, including stories about settlement. Aboriginal Meteor rock or large meteorite, staff animals, mammals, Small World Museum, a museum that exhibits a collection of miniature replicas. 

The largest in Australia, the Art Gallery of Western Australia (Art Gallery of Western Australia) is a collection of Australian, European and Asia Pacific art. Including contemporary art works here 

Kings Park 

Which is located on a high hill in the city center We can see a beautiful bird’s eye view of Perth from this King’s Park. In addition, this city center park is filled with thousands of plants. Kind of ever 

Black Swan or “Black Swan” 

The animal symbol of Perth is enough. Lake Monger is a habitat for many aquatic and poultry species, including the black-billed swan. Red, the local reserve animals here. This place is also suitable for watching a wide variety of birds.