5 things to do in Australia

Many cities in Australia It’s an art city with good art galleries Interesting and important museums Many located Each city also has a symphony orchestra. Own as well If you are a person with a passion for art and music Living in Australia Will help you open up new experiences To fully learn the history and culture of you Which is likely to be an impression that you will certainly never forget

Festival of Sydney

Sydney’s Great Annual Festival Held in January every year. The event will include both outdoor and exciting concerts. Fireworks And the most spectacular street theater performances. Activities at the event include free attendance and paid activities. But I guarantee that every activity is definitely enjoyable and worth participating. It is a series of performances taking place at the Festival of Sydney, with collaborations from artists and entertainment companies across Australia. 

Which the past work Come to even the big stars like Sir Ian McKellen, Bjørk, Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett were also honor at the event. Called this work, he really was great. Another highlight that should not be missed is the free concerts that are held every Saturday of January. With many bands and DJs To make the participants fun, dance all night long. Amid the green atmosphere of the beautiful park like Hyde Park, I would say that if you get the chance You shouldn’t miss out on this festival at all!

Australian Football League (AFL)

If you have a football fanatic in your blood Cheering for a fun game like the Australian Football League (AFL) on the edge of the field is a must-see activity. Because it was really fun. But even if you do not enjoy watching sports much. This activity is still interesting. Because it is a good opportunity to socialize. And experience new experiences in life Which if you try to cheer for football ufabet on the edge of the field once and for all You may find it a lot more fun than you think.

Australian “barbie”

Setting up a BBQ party in an outdoor courtyard Although it may seem ordinary But it is also one of the favorite Aussies activities. Especially at Christmas, they often celebrate this merry season. With a fun barbecue party Which is an activity that unless you will be full and satisfied And tasting Aussie-style food, it’s important that you also make new friends, a great activity for young people who love to socialize a lot.

Sydney Opera House

It is one of the symbols of Australia. Famous all over the world If you come to Australia and don’t stop by Sydney Opera House. It might feel like you haven’t arrived in Australia yet. Sydney Opera House Located at the estuary of Sydney. New South Wales It is an outstanding waterfront architecture. And stand towering facing the Harbor Bridge (Sydney Harbor Bridge). If you have a chance to visit the Sydney Opera House. But not much time You may also be walking on the Harbor Bridge. And take pictures of the surrounding area Keep as a memorial But if there is time left Recommend to watch the show And the architecture within the building That is beautiful and amazing. Not allergic to appearance

Hold a koala

The koala is one of Australia’s most famous animals. This animal is found only on the Australian continent. And it is an endangered animal that needs to be preserved. To get up close and personal with the koala We recommend you visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, the world’s first and enormous koala sanctuary. The specialty here is that the environment is very close to the real habitat in the koala forest. And it’s one of the few places that allows tourists to hold a koala.