“Travel to china The enchanted wonderland of nature”

Travel to china, China has natural attractions. It is important and beautiful in many places. Such as the legendary mountain, Ngobai Mountain, Jiuzhaigou National Park, Guilin, Chang Bai Mountain, Kun Ming and natural world heritage. Zhangjiajie, it is beauty. It makes various locations. Was use to create a movie that is world-famous. Today, we compiling the beauty of nature in China to leave each other How beautiful will it be? Let’s go and see.


Guilin is located in the Zhuang Guangxi People’s Autonomous Region. In the southwest of China The climate is warm, humid, the average annual temperature is about 19 degrees. It will remain green in every season. About 300 million years ago, Guilin was a vast ocean. As the Earth’s crust moves The precipitated limestone has been raised to the ground. After being eroded by the wind and rain, it has become a sharp mountain ball of various forms, including rocky caves and underground rivers. With these specialties, Guilin is famous all over the world. Mountain streams in Guilin City Is one of the world.

Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain is located in Jilin Province in northeastern China. It is the border between China and North Korea and is the birthplace of the Tumen River. Yalu River and Songhua River It is an endless forest area with rare wildlife and birds. Changbai Mountain is also a source of livelihood. And livelihood for the people of the Northeast. And also the manchu hills.


Zhangjiajie, located in Hunan Province, China, is one of the major tourist cities. Which is famous for its natural beauty and its has own uniqueness Major tourist attractions in Zhangjiajie. It is a forest area of ​​more than 90%. Zhangjiajie people have taken good care of nature. Therefore, Dharma allows the nature of this valley to remain beautiful until the present.


Jiuzhaigou Park, or ‘the land of fairy tales’, is located in Nanping District, an autonomous region of the Xiang Tibetan tribes in northern Sichuan Province.
It is covers an area of ​​more than 720 square kilometers. In the midst of the winding valleys Gorges curving through tall cliffs and large waterfalls. Creating a spectacular view that stands out with the colors of the surrounding landscape.

Khao Ngobai

Khao Ngor Bai, or ‘Mountains of Light’, is one of the four great mountains that are the foundation of Chinese Buddhism. Located in the central southern part of Sichuan Province. On the overlap between the Tibetan Plateau With the Sichuan basins With the peak of ten thousand Buddha images, Wan Fo is the highest peak with an altitude of 3,099 meters above sea level.


The city has a warm climate all year and is known. “City of Spring” known for its beautiful nature There are steep peaks, Kawagarbo Peak of the Meili Snow Mountain that attracts hikers from around the world. Visit the world’s largest Shilin Stone Forest.