Travel economically with 6 “Asian countries”

Today we have 6 countries to travel in Asia. With inexpensive cost of living to leave it to organize a trip Where can I travel on a budget with ease? and what highlight attractions are there? Let’s go and see!

1. Myanmar

Let’s start with interesting Asian countries suitable for traveling on a budget. To experience the culture See colonial architecture in Burma, a neighboring country near Thailand. The cost of living is not expensive. Accommodation starting price 10 USD per night only. Will travel for 3 days 2 nights or will arrange a trip. Myanmar one day trip Can also go in the morning-evening Plus, traveling in Myanmar is also suitable for people who like merit. I like to pray There are many sacred places such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Pay respect to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Reclining Buddha Chaatatari. (Phra Non Ta Wan), admire the botah Pagoda, Thep Thanjai and Ngatat Ji Temple. The shop line introduced the Scottish market. This old shopping spot offers many souvenirs such as Tanaka clothes, Burmese jade, and gems, etc.

food seafood cheap enough to cork or to dabble for food on the streets of Yangon, experiences a particularly Chinatown (China Town) with quaint restaurants to taste. Dazzled the eyes of the Burmese people prefer to use the dollar currency. Instead of Burma’s kyat.

2. Vietnam

Go to hello Uncle Ho in Vietnam, another country that we can Travel in a cheap way with a budget of 300 USD, you can travel to Vietnam, including South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, Mui Ne, exploring the white sand, red desert or up to the fresh air North Vietnam The capital of Hanoi, see nature, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Fanzipan, known as a 4 day 3 night trip to recharge in the land of historical civilization. The terrain in the river basin is fertile with full lungs. Plus there are authentic Vietnamese street food interesting dishes such as Pho, Soi, and many other dishes are worth a try.

Don’t forget to enjoy the fragrant coffee like Kafei Jing, Hot Coffee with Egg, Hanoi recipe. That is pleasing to the coffee lovers Anyone planning to travel in Vietnam by yourself must be prepared a little bit in terms of language and transportation. 

3. Nepal

Let’s go on a budget trip to Nepal and visit Kathmandu. City of the valley Conquer the summit of Mount Everest Visit the great Himalayas while watching the sunrise and reaching the horizon at the Nagarkot View Tower.

Then go see the ancient architecture which is a religious place Pay homage to Lumpini One The birthplace of the Lord Buddha for once in a lifetime if traveling on a budget Do not focus on luxury, carry 300 USD, excluding airfare. It is enough for a 3 day 2 night trip here, use rupees. The room cost is about 30 USD and has a wide variety of food. It is popular to travel between January and February.

4. India

Next, not far away, there is another popular coordinate. Budget travel In Asia, the one that cannot be missed is India, Nai Ja. who likes Indian food, full of spices. Ensure that it is definitely worth a visit. Along with a variety that you have to experience for yourself.

Starting from visiting New Delhi see the love memorial ‘Taj Mahal’, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Or fly directly into the pink city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, a popular location on social media that can take photos in the street art style. Eureka chic such as the colorful City Palace, the museum.

As for the room price, the price starts from the hundreds digits. Classified by level, who comes as a backpacker has to plan a good trip. Including a flight ticket, not more than 500 USD, it is recommended that travel companions shouldMake the trip more fun and safer. 

5. Philippines

Natural beauty in the Philippines, an archipelago country located in the ring of fire and close to the equator. Here there is a natural rainforest and coastline. Good for nature lovers While most cultures are close to Latin America As for the budget of Philippine flights to Manila, including all inclusive flights, the whole trip must have an allowance of 160 USD or more.

For the highlights to be hit Must be raised to the island of Cebu, Philippines, white beach, clear water like a cartoon city Go on a dive to see live whale sharks up close and visit every island to make them happy. The must-try menu is Adobo, Roasted Chicken with Spices, Soy Sauce, and mellow flavor vinegar. Read and drool

6. Indonesia

Traveling abroad all the time if looking for a good trip in a budget-friendly Indonesia Is another option that you have to come Snorkeling Visit a Hindu temple And you must not miss the province of Bali, the island of paradise, romantic paradise. There is a unique culture and art that you will fall in love with the charm of Bali for sure. Because the Balinese people believe in the gods a lot. 

For spending in Bali The currency used is the rupiah. Which has an exchange rate of 10,000 rupiah, I suggest you look at the exchange rate well first. However, here the cost of living is cheap. Affordable accommodation available for rent as an entire house or a pool villa. Start in thousand But if you want to save more Sleep hotel is excellent. I will say that going to Indonesia, do not be afraid and starve. Because there is a lot of food to eat