Top cities to “travel in China”

China, Chinese tourism trend is growing strongly because of this vast dragon land. Filled with many attractions including nature, history And fascinating culture It is also a famous shopping center.


Where should we go for the first time in China? Tell me, you have to come here, Beijing, the capital of China. Located in the northeast And is home to many important attractions such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Square), as well as anyone who wants to step on. Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world. There are only major check-in spots in China


China’s largest metropolis, Shanghai, sits on the Pacific coast. East of china Is the center of prosperity in various fields And represent modern China as well as modernity that harmoniously blends Chinese and Western culture. Here is full of shopping. And a light European feel For those who like to travel in the city, get a beautiful building view, we recommend it, as well as the location of the world-class theme park Shanghai Disneyland as well.


A shopping paradise must be given to Guangzhou where you can enjoy shopping in the city, which is known as the largest commercial center in southern China. Besides the historical attractions Old temple like Liurong Temple and a chilling viewpoint like the Canton Tower, be sure to go shopping at the wholesale clothing, bags and Beijing Lu pedestrian street.


Come to Lijiang , a Chinese tourist destination that is gaining attention. It is home to Ancient town of lijiang More than 800 years old city that has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And various architectures Still beautiful as in the past, worthy of the nickname “Venice of the East” . In addition to enjoying the atmosphere in the ancient city.


Another popular tourist destination, Kunming, is the largest city in Yunnan Province in Southwest China. It takes only 2 hours to fly directly from Bangkok, offering a full range of attractions including nature, ancient temples, arts and culture and shopping Don’t miss the check-in point. Jindian Park, Golden Horse Gate, Yuantong Temple, and Xishan Forest Park.


One of the four megacities in China is Chongqing, the largest metropolis in the southwest. Full of lights, people, and attractions There are also shopping areas to walk around as well.For the most historic and natural attractions of this route, we recommend the ancient village of Ciqikou (Ciqikou Old Town) and the National Park of Three Natural Bridges (Three Natural). Bridges: Wulong Karst) whispered that if you come to Chongqing you must not miss the street food. Every menu is cool.