“Koh Larn windmill viewpoint”, near Bangkok

Beach attractions near Bangkok Group of islands The closest must be Koh Larn in Chonburi and if you come to Koh Larn you must not miss it. Come see the beautiful view at the windmill view point.

Check in the windmill view point

Beautiful view of Koh Larn that must not be missed.

Highlights of the windmill viewpoint

     Windmill viewpoint It is one of the interesting viewpoints on Koh Larn because it is a beautiful view and it is full of wind turbines that are used to generate electricity for Koh Lan. Which if we go up a little further, there will be a viewpoint that can be seen in a wide area It is beautiful. 

  More importantly, this windmill viewpoint is also open 24 hours a day. But for your safety, you should go back down before the sky gets dark. Because of the way up and down It is quite narrow and steep. Causing it to be very careful

     Koh Larn is an island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is not far from Pattaya Beach to the west. It is consider a beach that both Thai and foreign tourists. It is popular to travel continuously. Because this island has both white beaches and crystal clear water Including being able to swim in the sea, sunbathe, play banana boats Boat excursions, parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling, shallow water, fishing, squid, tight activities, easy to travel near Bangkok as well.

In addition to the wind turbine view point, there are also many other attractions on Koh Lan, including Tawaen Beach, Sangwan Beach, Thong Lang Beach, Ta Yai Beach, Samae Beach, Tien Beach, Nuan Beach, as well as another viewpoint on the island like Khao Nom viewpoint as well, we can relax in the middle of the sea like this. And still enjoying the beautiful view, nothing could be better than this.

Getting to the windmill viewpoint

     There are two ways to travel across to Koh Lan, namely by ferry and speed boat. The ferry will hold about 200 people and costs 30 baht per person per way. It takes approximately 45 minutes. As for the speed boat, it can accommodate 12 people, the cost of a single trip is 15 minutes and the ferry will leave from Bali Hai Pier. But if staying on Koh Lan In some places, there will be a service to send customers to the boat in front of the house.

Koh Larn windmill viewpoint information