BMA Flora Festival, Bangkok with a beautiful flower field

BMA Flora Festival, Flower Viewing Festival Take a look at the beauty of these flower fields in UFABET Bangkok’s public parks. From the end of 2020 and continued until 2021.

BMA Flora Festival, Bangkok with a beautiful flower field

Near the end of the year, in the midst of this winter atmosphere Many people should think of many travel plans in their heads. But for anyone who doesn’t want to travel to far-flung provinces this year, Bangkok will not have a fun winter vacation to check in because there are good events like BMA Flora Festival.

There are also various flower gardens that will bloom until the end of 2021.

          – Between 12-31 January 2021 will be the watercress festival. At Wanaphirom Romklao Park, Lat Krabang District

          – Between 10-20 April 2021 Starburst Flower Festival At Pom Mahakan Public Park, Phra Nakhon District

– Between June – July 2021 will be the Marigold, Marigold and Margaret Festival at Chatuchak Park, Chatuchak District.

          – Ending from September – October 2021, watch the golden chicken and watercress at Lumpini Park.

Not only the beautiful flowers in Bangkok’s parks, but in different areas, various kinds of flowers are being grown. To welcome the winter and allow tourists to relax in the atmosphere of many beautiful flowers. You can follow more information on Facebook, Governor Asawin