+ POOL New York City Floating Pool

POOL New York, after all the excitement of Little Island, Little Island, New York City is fill with vitality: +POOL, a public floating pool on the East River that’s not just an ordinary pool. But it is a pool with a chemical or chlorine-free filtration system. That helps the environment and treats more than 600,000 gallons of water per day.

+ POOL (Plus Pool) The name comes from a shape that resembles a plus sign. The project has been in operation for more than a decade. But it has just achieve success in terms of both finance and technology. to build a floating pool. The goal began at the waterfront on the lower east side of the Manhattan Bridge.

This swimming pool it will use the water from the river to fill the area. Also, one of the engineering feats that made this effort so impressive was the “Water Filtration System”, where + POOL is a floating pool designed to filter the rivers running through the pool walls. This allows New Yorkers and tourists to swim in the crystal clear rivers. At the same time cleaning the river in itself.

They say New York is a nice city to live in. You can do almost anything here. Except it’s been safe to swim in the river for decades. Such an idea leads to the question of whether Instead of trying to clean the entire river It should start with cleaning one point at a time. until the origin of the aforementioned pool

The + POOL project was grant permission to conduct an audit in May. And it may take another two years to complete. The team has designed a filtration system that brings river water to accepted microbiological standards for swimming and patented the design.

The plan after completion +POOL plans to open in the summer around May-September every year. The pool can hold 300 people at a time and about 1,800 people / day.