“Niagara Falls” Greatness of nature

Niagara Falls” Greatness of nature. In Buffalo one of the city’s most famous New York United States. Because of the location of “Niagara” Falls the biggest test of North America. The fact that Niagara is name after the river that runs through the waterfall. The big three points on the border line between the United States and Canada. 

A waterfall at the confluence isolated as the Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls

for the Horseshoe Falls is often call. Horseshoe falls Or a Canadian waterfall, as the name suggests. The shore that flows down It is the largest of the three waterfalls. And the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls flow from American side.

Visitor if coming from New York state can choose to stand. And admire the grandeur of the water mass from the viewpoint on the American side. Which can see the city of Ontario (Ontario) of Canada, which is the opposite border clearly. But if there is a chance to walk on foot. Or take a car ride across Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side. It is say that there are more spectacular scenery. Without forgetting the travel documents (Canadian visa) and passport with you.

However, seeing the waterfall as full as possible. And see the greatness of the wonders of the natural world in a panoramic view. The Niagara Helicopter Experience is a must to experience the thrill and eerie views of its beauty. That you may have the opportunity to see a giant rainbow caused by a large amount of water droplets hitting the sun

Another way to get up close. And personal is on a Maid of The Mist cruise along Lake Erie. And feel the tremendous power of water. That collides on the surface below until you get wet along the way.