Los Angeles with 6 Free Things to do

Who is having a plan? Visit the USA And wants to fly to Hollywood artists’ shoulders You have to pin it to Los Angeles only! And when it comes to Los Angeles, many people would think of a very expensive tourist city. Including airfare, accommodation, food, or even admission to famous places

       But since it was in Los Angeles all the time If you are worried about the expenses This event is definitely not fun. So today we have 6 activities that can be done for free. Without spending a single in Los Angeles Okay, what is there? You can go and have a look !!!

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1. Sunbathing on the beach

Get to Los Angeles now! One of the top free activities you should not miss is to soak up the sun and take in the breathtaking views of the many beaches in downtown Los Angeles. And a popular beach where LA residents and foreigners flock to occupy the beachside, Santa Monica Beach, or if a little further north is Malibu Beach, etc.

2. Watch recordings of TV shows

       One more thing that can be done for free. Where very few people know it is Admission to tapes of various TV shows Activities where you might meet Hollywood superstars in person. In which to watch a live broadcast or taped a TV show

3. Take photos with handprints and footprints of world-class Hollywood superstars

       Take a photo with the hand-foot imprint. And autographed Hollywood superstars around the world, such as famous American actress Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Canadian mixed-American actress, Nord Matalmaj in the forecourt of the TCL Chinese cinema and take photos with this cinema’s signature large golden gate.

4. Get a taste of art at the world’s best art museum

      For those of you who love art too, you should definitely visit The Getty Center for free! Largest art museum Ranked among the top in the world. The interior consists of a building that collects work.
Various arts Beautifully decorated garden hedges And the view of the city that can be seen from the building as far as the eye can see

5. Explore The Getty Villa

     The Getty Villa is a J. Paul Getty museum inspired by various arts. Including the history The interior contains more than 44,000 works of art such as European-style paintings, various paintings, stucco art, photographs. And other arts etc.

     The Getty Villa is now a museum that is a center of education about the arts. The culture has influences from ancient Greece and Rome.

6. Indoor tour of Los Angeles City Hall

       Los Angeles City Hall is open to the public for free on business days and hours from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. As a group We can email you the details. And the number of visitors to the city hall of LA directly as well. Which the LA City Hall will prepare the venue Including the speaker to educate us as well

      When you get there, don’t miss it! Go up to the 27th floor of the building for views of downtown LA and stop by to learn how Come to LA at the Bridge Gallery, which is also free to visit.