Landmarks of the “North America”

1. Grand Canyon-America

The Grand Canyon in North America is a miracle. One of the great natural sights of the world is classified as one of the conservation places. Of the world according to the geography and the resolution of the United Nations Explore this site in 1776,  the same year America declared independence from England. But only learned that the Colorado River flows in the year 1857  the Colorado River. 

Grand Canyon  is classified as a US national park. Flowing through the plateau causing erosion It was a rock collapse  225  million years ago. The Colorado River was originally a small, meandering stream. Along the steppe The same level as the sea Later, the world began to rise. 

Due to the pressure and Tremendous heat under the floor The world that changed And turned into a vast mountain range, the lift of the land made the way for the stream It flows through the slope and makes the water flow more strongly. Blowing sand and silt along Gradually, the water eroded deeper into the Earth’s crust. Measured from the edge down to the bottom of the ravine more than 1 mile  (about 1,600 m)

Probably twice as deep Of the thickness of the earth’s crust Causing granite Different types of rock, the ground that is Sandstone has been eroded by water and wind, forming a complex trench for millions of years. It is an amazing and wonderful canyon. this area is a tourist attraction. A million years ago that. 

2. United States Capitol 

It is North America the center of the administration of the United States. Constructed in white marble, the dome is 268 feet high, 750  feet  long, 375 feet wide. The  interior consists of the Parliament House, marble and carved Greek columns. Oil painting is Beautiful striking architecture. It is the showpiece of the United States. And is also the # 1 beauty parliament building in the world.

3.  Niagara Falls  

Niagara Falls (English:  Niagara Falls )  is a large waterfall, many of them together. It is located on the Niagara River in eastern North America. On the border between Canada and the United States, Niagara Falls consists of three separate waterfalls: the   158- foot- tall  Horseshoe Falls, the  167-  foot- tall American Falls, and the smaller falls. Adjacent is Bridal Veil Falls.    

The Niagara River flows from Lake Erie, flowing through Niagara Falls into Lake Ontario. The two sides of the waterfalls in the two countries are twin cities. In which the Canadian side is Niagara Falls, Ontario,   on the US side is Niagara Falls New York State

4. Mexico pyramid

Mexico pyramid Located in the city of Teertevacan, Mexico. Built by an ancient Native American tribe named Toltec to worship the sun and moon. It looks like an Egyptian pyramid, built with brick and lime layers, 216  feet high,  721  feet wide,  and it is believed that inside the pyramid contains the ashes of the Toltec king. Nowadays, this tribe has disappeared completely, leaving only important archaeological sites showing the prosperity of the tribe, leaving it for future generations to continue their research.

5. Yellowstone, USA

The United States’ first park and the largest in the United States. The area is very spacious, almost   two  times the state of Delaware. That journey within that park This can be done by taking a private car or bus, or by helicopter in some cases. 

The interesting things in this park are not just the scenery. It is not surprising that this area is home to many large and important national parks. Yellowstone National Park  (Yellowstone National Park).