America, the continent on the edge of the world. That is not very well known among Thai tourists despite this region. Fill with many interesting attractions. Both ancient civilizations Wildlife, marine and other natural areas with a landscape that is halfway between the two great oceans with the Andes Mountains. 

And the Amazon River basin that flows through many countries The region is abundant with a lot of nature. This article we would like to take readers to South America with 17 top tourist attractions. That we will line up from north to south How will it be worth traveling? Let’s go see


Let’s start with the first place. With the northernmost country of South America like Venezuela, the Los Roques archipelago is located some 120 kilometers north of Caracas, comprise of more than 350 small and large islands. Los Roques is probably one of the most beautiful coral reefs in South America. By European tourists Popular for sailing And snorkeling at the islands in. In addition, within the islands There are many aquatic animals and sea birds. The Venezuelan government therefore declared the archipelago a national park as well.


Aside from the Los Roques archipelago, Engel Falls is another must-see when visiting Venezuela. It is 15 times higher than Niagara Falls, with the water flowing from Mount Auyantepu at a height of more than 950 meters. Angel Falls are located on the Guiana Plateau. Adjacent to Guyana For the trip to the waterfall is quite chaotic. Because you have to take a plane Then build by boat Then walked up to the plateau Anyone who likes adventures Do not miss it.


Tayrona National Park, Colombia Animal sanctuaries located along the Caribbean coast Has a large area Covering both waterways and land There is biological diversity And more than 300 species of animal species, including sea birds, amphibians and bats, the highlight of which in addition to seeing different animal species is a walk along the sea beach. That is beautiful with a mountain background and coconut trees.


Quito is both the capital of Ecuador. And the door to the Amazon jungle Which foreign tourists Popular to enter the Amazon through Quito. Because the Amazon forest area of ​​Ecuador There is a great abundance of nature and wildlife. The government has allocated the area between the national parks. And national reserves Which tourists can visit to see the beauty of nature And rare animals that can not be found anywhere in .. In addition, with the city of Quito It’s the capital of the country For anyone who likes history and culture, there are old buildings within the city. And the national museum to visit as well


In addition to the Amazon jungle For the love of nature. Who want to see a variety of rare animals Galapagos Islands Ecuador is considered a “Must Bucket List” that you must go to. Because the archipelago is home to giant turtles, giant iguana, and other prehistoric creatures you can’t see And if anyone has read Charles Davin’s work on natural evolution as well, then You must be familiar with the name of the Galapagos Islands for the Galapagos Islands. Arising from the eruption of volcanic lava Composed of 18 main islands, the archipelago is approximately 900 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador.


From Ecuador Go down south to each other in Peru. The first place we will be taking a tour is Machu Picchu, an ancient civilization that represents the greatness of the Incas. Before the occurrence of colonization by the Spanish Machu Picchu was the palace of the Incas emperor. And is a place for religious ceremonies of the Incas The archaeological site is located on the Peruvian Andes Mountains. The reason Machu Picchu is still in good shape is because when the Spaniards arrived in Peru. Machu Picchu has always been abandoned by the Spaniards. Until an American professor of archeology discovered this archaeological site in the 20th century. Machu Picchu has been restored And became a popular tourist destination in Peru until today.


Next to Machu Picchu Rainbow Mountain in the Andes It is another place to visit if you go to Peru. Rainbow Mountains are formed naturally from minerals and red bream accumulated over hundreds of years. Resulting in a colorful mountain shading like a rainbow Rainbow Mountain is located at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters above sea level. The air is so thin. May become easily tired and have trouble breathing Getting there may be a little difficult because there are no cars to reach Causing the need to walk or ride on a horse But I certify that during the walkway you will find a beautiful scenery that is not lost in Rainbow Mountain.